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Artificial water pond decoration

Add Style to your property

Add a beautiful water feature to your yard for a price that's affordable on almost any budget. Whether you own a small residential home or a large commercial property,

Great Escapes Landscaping is your best choice for optimal products and services.

Complete water feature services

• Homes

• Hotels / resorts

• Apartment complexes

Artificial waterfalls

Enjoy the perks of a water feature

There are many benefits of inserting a water feature onto your property. First, a water feature will help drown away distracting sounds. Second, it'll add an aesthetic look to your yard, and the third, a water feature  can boost your property's worth.

Don't break your wallet our high costs

Hold on to more of your cash when you have our staff inserts a water feature on your property. We strive to provide you with prices that are fair, honest, and affordable. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed with every job we complete for you.

From ponds to waterfalls to fountains and more, our staff is here to help!

• Restaurants

• Bars

• Golf courses


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