Water Features

Add style to your property with our complete water feature services! 

Enjoy a gorgeous, well-crafted water feature in your residential or commercial landscape. From ponds to waterfalls to fountains, our work is guaranteed to meet your expectations. Whether you want a feature that’s eye-catching or something more subtle, we offer a great selection of products and services that can be designed to fit your location. 

We have complete water feature services for: 

  • Homes 
  • Hotels / Resorts 
  • Restaurants 
  • Bars 
  • Golf Courses 
  • Apartment Complexes 

Water features can also drown out distracting noises, add a unique and aesthetically-pleasing look, keep pond water clear and increase your overall property value. It’s our goal to install a dazzling feature that meets and exceeds each of your requirements. 

Contact us today for a FREE estimate! 

When you hire the staff here at Great Escapes Landscaping, you can feel great knowing that you'll always receive work that gets completed right the first time.


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