Get the patio of your dreams. 

Patios add style and functionality to your yard and home. They are also great additions as an outdoor area for customers at restaurants and bars. By making a classy sitting area to complement an outdoor bar, kitchen or fire pit, patios can act as the centerpiece to your landscaping design. Plus, you can add sit walls or softscaping to make your patio stand out even more! 

Our talented staff at Great Escapes Landscaping can handle a wide array of patio sizes with various colors and textures. We feature quality products like paving and natural stones, border stones and polymeric stones for you to choose from. You can also expect your patio to withstand any type of weather and last through the years without needing repairs. And your satisfaction is always guaranteed when you choose us as we work hard to create exactly what you envisioned. 

When you hire us for a project, you’ll always receive an industryleading warranty, which covers all labor, materials and services. Contact us today for a FREE, no-obligation estimate! 

When you hire the staff here at Great Escapes Landscaping, you can feel great knowing that you'll always receive work that gets completed right the first time.


rock tile patio with walkway, sit wall and pillar with chairs and landscaping
large, open patio with black outdoor furniture around fire pit
open patio with outdoor kitchen and grill with potted plants on sit wall
tiled patio with table, umbrella and chairs and hammock
open patio in heavy landscape area with outdoor eating area
open patio leading to stairway to water
multi-level patio with fire pit in circular area
brand-new multi-color patio with gazebo near house
open medium-sized patio with wooden gazebo
cleared multi-colored patio with circular area with sit wall
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